Elleebana Class Info 



“I’m an Esthetician for 18yrs in Northern California and I have been doing eyelash perms for about 15yrs. When I heard of the Elleebana lash lift class I hesitated to take the class and thought I can buy the kit and learn it by myself. So I bought the kit and called Yvette to see if she can give me few tips on how to use it. She highly recommended taking the class and after few questions and answers I booked her class and realized I need the training. The class was so very worth it and I’m so glad I took it and not touched a client before learning all what I did. There is a lot of details involved that you don’t want to miss and Yvette is so professional, detailed, and thorough. Having 2 models was great to gain confidence and having Yvette supervise was very helpful and I learned many tips. She answered every possible question. My advice to someone who thinks they can buy the kit and do it without training is to not do it and to make sure to find a good trainer like Yvette Mendoza.”
- Hadia M

In-House Elleebana Training 

if your local to Orange County CA...come to us. We looove having you in our classroom and really being able to sit with each of our students giving them 1 on 1 attention. Class maxs out at 4 students.

  • Includes Elleebana Student Kit, Manual and Certificate. 

  • One Day Class 9-5 in Costa Mesa, CA 

  • Don't have to open your kit, all products are provided **Only Elleebana/doesnt apply to Bel or SPM)

  • 2 Live Practice Models

  • Processing Times not taught in the manual

  • How to get a perfect image to showcase your work

  • Continued Support from Your Trainer Yvette Mendoza

*case studies need to be submitted within 3 months from course date to prevent having to pay $50 extension fee

Online Elleebana Training

can't come to us...do our online.

  • Normal grow out and over processed grow out

  • Proper eye pad placement (this is actually a huge one that can cause severe eye irritation)

  • Processing times that aren’t in the manual

  • How to take an amazing before and after of your work (see @poplash on instagram)

  • 4 training videos - not found on you tube

  • 2 face times with Yvette who will answer all your question  (she won’t leave you to go find your answers on a forum)

  • Feel your getting the best tips and tricks from National Master Trainer

*case studies need to be submitted within 3 months from course purchase date to prevent having to pay $50 extension fee